About Us


Grade Point Adewunmi (GPA) is an educational organization founded by Joshua Mofiyinfoluwa Adewunmi on June 24, 2017 on the premise of improving the educational process of students of all ages. In the time since the founding of the organization, GPA has tutored over 500 hundred college students and tutored/mentored another 1000 in the Kindergarten-12th grade spectrum. While founded with tutoring as the main focus, GPA also places an emphasis on volunteering and mentoring in the community. We place a great deal of focus on helping individuals maximize their skills, potentials and money. Founded in Lubbock, Texas, GPA has began involvement in the Lubbock Independent School District. On April 6, 2018, GPA officially partnered with the district. Since this partnership, we work weekly with one or more schools in the hopes of spreading out vision to as many students as we possibly can. Our goal is to spread across school districts all over the United States of America and beyond. 


In February 2019, Grade Point Adewunmi began mentoring in Alderson Elementary. In April we began mentoring in Dunbar College Prep Academy as well. Right now we are mentoring young boys at Atkins Middle School. Our goal is to positively impact the lives of young students and even give them a mentor to look up to for guidance. We fully intend to expand this crusade to more elementary schools in several school districts, including middle and high schools. We will not wait for the change; we will be the change.

My name is Joshua Adewunmi, the Founder and CEO of Grade Point Adewunmi. Thank you for showing interesting in our organization and we hope we can be of assistance to you.