Mentoring is a major part of the change Grade Point Adewunmi plans to inject into several communities. We believe that the youth are the future and nurturing their minds is the number one goal of the organization. The #GPATheDifference Project was started in order to positively influence young children and our mentors are evidence that the children we hope to influence can have a bright and fulfilling future. 

A group of mentors at Alderson Elementary School's Saturday School.

Dedraylon Williams tutoring and sharing his college experience with a 4th grade math class at Alderson Elementary. 

Mentors and tutors from Texas Tech University at Alderson Elementary


Mentors at Dunbar College Prep Academy.

One of the many study halls our tutors attended in 2018 at Texas Tech University.

Community Service

Community service is our way of giving back to the community that made us relevant to begin with. We place great value on giving back to those that need our help. For the past two years we have ran a clothing drive in the city of Lubbock and were able to assist the less fortunate during the cold months of the year.


More info on community events will be here soon.